Fiáker Pension & Bar
Fiáker Pension & Bar
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The Fiáker pension is located in the People's Garden in the heart of the city. The People's Garden is the largest city park. Sights include the Népkerti Vigadó, a restaurant with more than 100 years old history, which lives as a prime restaurant in the public mind.

Next to the People's Garden, the Sports Hall and the Miskolc Ice Hall welcomes it's guests with high-quality sporting events and Finnish sauna, solarium, fitness is also available.

With a few minutes walk, the visitors, can find themselves in the downtown area. I recommend to your attention the Széchenyi street (Main Street) which has the atmosphere of the 19th century and is considered Europe's longest main street.

Unique in Europe is the Miskolc-Tapolca Cave bath and four-star spa, which is highly recommended and only a few kilometrs away from the house.


Address: 3529 Miskolc, Budai József út 26.
Phone: +36-46 788-538
Mobile: +36-20 451-8218
Book any day of the year, from 08-03 hours.